2011 : Establishment of TechCons Biz Co., Ltd.

“Mr. Pairoj Tonsirianusorn” found TechCons Biz Co., Ltd., an end-to-end software developer in Business Process Management based on customer’s requirement using Paperless or Electronic Workflow technology foundation.

The company was well accepted by many leading organizations. And we were appointed by Microsoft, the global leading IT company , as the Authorized Silver Partner. 

 Although the company is going well in customized software development, we have researched and developed the package software which can help organization build the paperless system faster and applicable to more organizations in the brand of “WOLF by TechCons Biz”.

2019 : Launch WOLF Approve

In February 2019, WOLF launch first Software named “WOLF Approve”, an electronic document approval and management platform, which was designed for ease-of-use and faster implementation for typical users and accessible from all devices.    

WOLF Approve was successfully in market. We have more than 40 customers using our software within 2 years since launch.

2020 : Launch WOLF ISO

In November 2020, WOLF launch the new software named “WOLF ISO”, a software for ISO process management

WOLF ISO was developed based on WOLF Approve fundamental to serve, industries or factories that need a document management system according to international standards such as ISO.

2021 : Certified by international standard ISO29110

The international standard ISO29110 certification is the pride of the WOLF team that can demonstrate its potential for everyone to be aware of that WOLF has a systematic software development process in both the project management process and the software development process.

2022 : Certified by international standard ISO9001

The company focuses on expanding and developing the organization to grow continuously. as well as increasing the capabilities of personnel in the organization To grow into the world market in the future steadily Therefore, the international quality management standard system ISO 9001:2015 has been used in business operations. for excellence in quality and the efficiency of operations within the organization

In November 2022, WOLF officially passed the audit of the quality management system. And has been certified ISO 9001: 2015. This is another important step for the company as a software developer. We want to create a system that meets international standards.

2023 : Certified by international standard ISO27001


While many organizations is digital transform there organization, we also has to move fast , adapt more technology to develop our system to serve the market. More importantly,
WOLF has to be the leader in the workflow area.


The vision of “Pairoj Tonsirianusorn”, CEO and founder of Techcons Biz Co., Ltd. is to transform the organizations to be paperless organization with an excellent workflow to enter the era of Digital Transformation successfully.”

Mr. Pairoj Tonsirianusorn
Founder of Techcons Biz Co., Ltd.


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